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Of course, victims of construction and industrial accidents in the Saint Louis area and throughout southern and central Illinois expect their attorneys to be zealous advocates in court and also firm in their negotiations.

With respect to these qualities, the professionals at our law office work hard to meet these expectations. We have over 100 years' experience between our attorneys when it comes to handling legal claims arising out of work-related accidents.

Can you explain why distracted driving is so dangerous?

Many people in Granite City and throughout the Illinois suburbs of the Saint Louis area can probably recognize by intuition that a distracted driver is a dangerous driver. Some may have noticed on the road how someone messing with his or her cell phone changes lanes and makes turns haphazardly or stops with a jerk at an intersection.

Scientifically, though, it may be harder for a person to understand why exactly distracted driving makes a motorist more dangerous to others with whom he or she is sharing the road. One of the reasons comes down to the fact that bringing a vehicle to a stop, or for that matter, making any kind of maneuver in a vehicle, consists of three distinct elements.

Don't get caught in the crossfire of an intersection

Do you recall when you first learned to drive and your parent or driving instructor took you out on the road? You were likely quite nervous, especially when it came time to navigate an intersection. There are often traffic lights or stop signs to help secure these driving locations; nevertheless, they are extremely dangerous places that place you and all other drivers at risk for collision.

Even if you've been a licensed driver for a long time now, it doesn't necessarily mean you don't get nervous at intersections. The problem is that no matter how cautious you are, another motorist nearby may be negligent, leaving you little to no time to react to avoid collision. If this happens and you suffer injury, you can reach out for support to get medical attention and other assistance you might need.

Man will face criminal charges after distracted driving crash

An Illinois man is now facing criminal charges after an accident on Interstate 57 that left a 10-year-old girl dead.

While no alcohol or drugs were apparently involved with this case, police and prosecutors decided to file criminal charges against the man for reckless homicide and other charges because they discovered evidence of texting and driving prior to the accident.

How an appeal of a workers' compensation claim works

Previous post have discussed how the idea behind Illinois' workers' compensation system is to make sure Illinois workers get the financial help they need after an injury and do so quickly.

Unfortunately, though, there are many situations in which a claim for benefits may be denied outright or, as is more common, may be in dispute because the worker feels he or she is entitled to more than what the employer or the employer's insurance company is willing to pay.

We can assist with a med mal case concerning informed consent

A previous post on this blog discussed how Granite City, Illinois, patients can file a claim for medical malpractice based on a lack of informed consent if they were not given adequate information about alternatives to a medical procedure that wound up going wrong.

This is true even when the doctor performed the treatment correctly and the bad result was simply part of the risk of the treatment itself. In other words, Illinois patients have the right to know what they are signing up for whenever they submit themselves to medical treatment; the riskier the treatment, the more important this right is.

Why is informed consent important in medical malpractice cases?

This blog has talked about how Granite City, Illinois, residents and others who live in the eastern suburbs of Saint Louis may have the right to seek compensation from the doctors after a misdiagnosis or other outright mistake leaves them in a worsened medical condition.

However, what these people might not realize is that they may still have a medical malpractice case if a procedure does not go as planned but they were not warned of the risks beforehand. This is true even if the doctor performs the procedure flawlessly from a technical perspective.

Do in-car infotainment systems actually benefit drivers?

Numerous people in Illinois and across the country love having the ability of accessing technology whenever they please. With many people, likely yourself included, having some sort of smartphone, tablet or other portable device that allows them to easily browse the internet or check various apps, information and assistance usually remains within arm's reach. While this convenience may help you stay updated on the various goings-on with your friends, family and in the world, it may not always act as a blessing.

Because individuals have become so reliant on technology, different "smart" devices and programs show up where they never did before. Children's games, home appliances and even your vehicle boast systems that go far beyond what individuals in previous decades could access. However, when it comes to the technology in vehicles, distraction is a prominent issue.

Review of the Federal Employers Liability Act

When a railroad worker gets hurt on the job in Granite City, Illinois, he or she has some special legal options which are not available to many other people who get hurt while at work.

Specifically, the worker has a right to pursue a claim in federal court under the Federal Employers Liability Act, or FELA. Although it has obviously been changed over the course of time, FELA has been the law of the land for over 100 years, having been passed by Congress in 1908.

Medicare won't be as tough on noncompliant nursing homes

As part of its overall effort to deregulate the world of business and medical care, the Trump Administration has announced that it is changes its approach to how the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, or CMS, will fine nursing homes who ignore or otherwise fail to comply with the CMS's standards for the safety and care nursing home patients.

The change is supposed to benefit nursing homes which, generally speaking, have a decent safety record and which are obviously trying to keep their patients safe and healthy. Should there be a safety lapse, even if it results in a serious nursing home injury, the change makes it less likely that the homes will get fined at all.

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