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What are pain and suffering damages in a personal injury case?

Most of our readers in Illinois are familiar with the fact that, in the aftermath of a car accident or other type of accident, the injured victims can pursue legal options in order to receive financial compensation for expenses such as medical costs and property damage. However, many people have also heard of "pain and suffering" damages but aren't as familiar with when these types of damages can be pursued.

So, what are pain and suffering damages in a personal injury lawsuit? Well, for starters, pain and suffering damages fall into the category of "non-economic" damages in a personal injury case. These types of damages are not easily quantifiable, and are instead much more speculative in nature, usually. However, that doesn't mean that injured victims should be dissuaded from pursuing pain and suffering damages.

Help is available for victims of workplace accidents

Construction sites and other industrial work sites can be dangerous for workers. Workers have the right to a safe workplace and when they have been harmed because proper safety precautions were not taken at their workplace, it is important for them to be familiar with the protections available to them. When a worker has been injured on the job it impacts both them and their family which is why understanding the resources available to them is helpful.

Following a workplace accident, an injured worker may be able to obtain help with medical bills, lost wages and the suffering they have endured as a result of the work injury or illness they have suffered. Workers in a variety of construction and industrial settings can be victims of accidents, injuries and illnesses in the workplace including carpenters, steelworkers and other laborers.

Legal options for victims of a failure to diagnose

When a medical professional fails to properly diagnose, or fails to timely diagnose, a medical condition, it can result in serious harm and damages to victims and their family members. The lack of treatment or incorrect treatment as a result of a failure to diagnose may result in liability for a medical professional that has committed medical malpractice.

When a disease or injury has worsened beyond what it would have if the disease or injury had been timely and properly diagnosed, the victim or surviving family members of the victim may have a medical malpractice claim for damages. Damages arising from medical malpractice can include any one of a variety of physical, financial and emotional damages.

In, out and all around: Danger lurks in the form distractions

Are you the type of person whose vehicle looks (and maybe smells) as brand new today as it did the day you actually bought it, which may have been several years ago? To the contrary, perhaps you would be the messy half of the Odd Couple, not caring about clutter or if last week's fast food lunch bag is still on the floor of your car. Whether clean as a whistle or messy as can be, your car may contain hazards in the form of potential distractions.

The lunch bag lying on the floor can become a major driving distraction if you suddenly decide the time to try to dig it out from under your seat is while you are driving down an Illinois highway at 70 miles per hour. Even inside a clean car, your entertainment system, GPS device, or light-up mirror (perfect for checking hair, beards or make-up) may cause you to glance away from the road long enough for disaster to occur, should you fail to avoid a collision because you not focused on driving.

Granite City man killed after getting hit by car

A recent auto accident involving a pedestrian and one car claimed the life of a 78-year-old man. The accident happened near a local intersection in the evening, shortly after dark.

According to police, they discovered upon responding to an emergency call that the man had suffered serious injuries after being hit by the vehicle. Police have identified the victim, who died shortly after being taken to a nearby hospital.

Why is the standard of care so important in med mal cases?

Many residents of the Granite City, Illinois, area have probably heard the phrase standard of care, particularly if they have been around people who work in the medical profession.

In addition to being a medical term, the standard of care is also an important legal concept because it helps determine whether a doctor was negligent in providing medical care and, thus, liable in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Helping injured workers explore all legal options

Of course, victims of construction and industrial accidents in the Saint Louis area and throughout southern and central Illinois expect their attorneys to be zealous advocates in court and also firm in their negotiations.

With respect to these qualities, the professionals at our law office work hard to meet these expectations. We have over 100 years' experience between our attorneys when it comes to handling legal claims arising out of work-related accidents.

Can you explain why distracted driving is so dangerous?

Many people in Granite City and throughout the Illinois suburbs of the Saint Louis area can probably recognize by intuition that a distracted driver is a dangerous driver. Some may have noticed on the road how someone messing with his or her cell phone changes lanes and makes turns haphazardly or stops with a jerk at an intersection.

Scientifically, though, it may be harder for a person to understand why exactly distracted driving makes a motorist more dangerous to others with whom he or she is sharing the road. One of the reasons comes down to the fact that bringing a vehicle to a stop, or for that matter, making any kind of maneuver in a vehicle, consists of three distinct elements.

Don't get caught in the crossfire of an intersection

Do you recall when you first learned to drive and your parent or driving instructor took you out on the road? You were likely quite nervous, especially when it came time to navigate an intersection. There are often traffic lights or stop signs to help secure these driving locations; nevertheless, they are extremely dangerous places that place you and all other drivers at risk for collision.

Even if you've been a licensed driver for a long time now, it doesn't necessarily mean you don't get nervous at intersections. The problem is that no matter how cautious you are, another motorist nearby may be negligent, leaving you little to no time to react to avoid collision. If this happens and you suffer injury, you can reach out for support to get medical attention and other assistance you might need.

Man will face criminal charges after distracted driving crash

An Illinois man is now facing criminal charges after an accident on Interstate 57 that left a 10-year-old girl dead.

While no alcohol or drugs were apparently involved with this case, police and prosecutors decided to file criminal charges against the man for reckless homicide and other charges because they discovered evidence of texting and driving prior to the accident.

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