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Construction accidents are common, so know what steps to take

Workers in the construction industry in Illinois are probably aware of many of the dangers that are present on worksites. That is why they wear hardhats, gloves and reflective clothing. They take all of the precautions that they can. However, sometimes those precautions just aren't enough.

The truth is that construction accidents are actually fairly common. Some of the most common worksite injuries are caused by falls, falling objects, machinery or equipment malfunctions and even electric shock. And, in many cases, determining the cause behind these incidents can be a fairly complex issue. But, if it is ultimately determined that a third party was negligent in some way, the injured construction worker may be able to pursue financial compensation in a lawsuit.

What are the first steps to take in a medical malpractice case?

It is an unfortunate reality that hundreds of Illinois residents will be victims of medical malpractice incidents each year. These medical patients go to the doctor's office or hospital expecting to receive the best of care, only to see their condition or injury worsened by a healthcare professional's negligent or reckless conduct. When this occurs, a medical malpractice lawsuit might be necessary. So, what are the first steps that Illinois residents need to take in a medical malpractice case?

The initial step may seem counterintuitive to those who have been injured or whose illness has been made worse by a doctor or other healthcare professional - contact that individual, or the facility where that individual is employed. Why do this? Well, it is important to try to get an explanation for what went wrong, and how things went wrong. How does that individual explain the issue? What options might there be for correcting the issue?

Staying safe when sharing the road with trucks

You are traveling along an Illinois highway when you come upon a tractor-trailer or other large, commercial vehicle. What do you do? Is it safer to shift lanes and try to pass the truck as quickly as possible? This means having the truck barreling along behind you. Should you stay where you are behind the truck? This means being unable to see what is happening ahead of you.

Driving among big rigs is intimidating and sometimes terrifying. It is not always easy to trust that the driver sees you and is capable of avoiding you. There are some actions you can take to improve your chances of arriving home safely when you share the highway with commercial vehicles.

Recent car accident could have been deadly

Many of our readers in Illinois know that, in many cases, car accident investigations conducted by law enforcement officials are crucial in determining how a car accident occurred. That will likely be the case in a recent accident, as reports about the crash have not identified a cause. But, what is known is that the accident could have been deadly, if not for the efforts of emergency responders.

According to a recent report, the car accident in question occurred on May 4 on Interstate 64 near Caseyville, and involved multiple motor vehicles. The reports indicate that one vehicle involved was pushed off of the highway and into a retention pond. The vehicle was reportedly submerged in the water. And, to make matters even more dangerous, live power lines were also in the water.

Exploring options after a construction injury

Illinois residents who work in the construction industry recognize that their jobs, by their nature, may be more dangerous than other jobs. These individuals usually work with heavy equipment and machinery, often in busy, hectic construction zones. They may be required to walk on roofs, in trenches or other areas where an accident can easily lead to serious injury.

When an accident on-the-job does occur, it is important to determine how it occurred. Was the available safety equipment on the worksite deficient? Did someone make a mistake that caused the accident? Was equipment or machinery misused? These, among many other considerations, are factors to take into account after a construction injury occurs.

Three-car accident in Illinois results in injuries

Many car accidents in Illinois occur because drivers violate traffic laws and regulations. When this occurs, all of the drivers involved and their passengers are at risk of suffering injuries. That appears to have been what happened in a recent car accident in Illinois.

According to reports, the car accident in question occurred on April 18 during the afternoon. Apparently, one driver, a 40-year-old Illinois man, was driving his vehicle along a highway when he rear-ended a Jeep in front of him. The Jeep, which was being operated by a 73-year-old man, then reportedly spun out of control into oncoming traffic, striking a third vehicle. The third vehicle was being operated by a 54-year-old Illinois resident.

How can texting and driving impact your life?

We all do quite a bit of driving in our daily lives and, although many people probably would not like to admit it, many drivers are using their cellphones while they drive. It is not hard to see that this is a dangerous activity. So, how can texting and driving impact one's life?

Well, as it turns out, texting and driving may be getting more dangerous than many people realize. In 2015 alone, an estimated 400,000 people were injured in car accidents that were caused by distracted driving. Approximately 3,500 people were killed in these types of accidents.

Gross negligence and medical malpractice

While most Illinois residents don't concern themselves with legal terms in their daily lives, many people have a good grasp on the concept of negligence, even above and beyond the potential legal use of this term. In essence, negligence, both in regular life and in legal terms, means that some has acted inappropriately in a situation in which more was expected from them, and there were physical or financially consequences as a result.

However, in a legal situation, there can be instances when conduct or behavior amounts to more than just negligence. It could amount to gross negligence. This more powerful term is oftentimes seen in medical malpractice cases.

Things to consider if collision results in injury

While it's natural to assume that if you adhere to all traffic and safety regulations while driving, you'll likely arrive safely to your destination. In reality, there is really no way to predict the ultimate outcome of any road trip you might take. Numerous dangers may lurk nearby without you even knowing. No matter how alert or cautious you are behind the wheel, another person's negligence can place you at immediate risk for injury.

If you're one of many Illinois motorists who have suffered injury in a car accident that another driver caused, you will likely have a lot on your mind as you recover. The emotional trauma of such situations is often difficult to bear. If you remember the accident, it may replay itself over and over again in your mind. Beyond that, you may have to think about taking time off work, seeking auto repair for your vehicle and obtaining appropriate follow-up support regarding your injuries.

Considering one's options after a railroad or shipping accident

Many people do not think about the impact that railroads and shipping over waterways still have in our daily lives. Advances in technology may make people think that these forms of transportation, particularly for products and goods, is outdated. However, the reality is far from that. Illinois residents can come into contact with railroads and maritime shipping more frequently than they think, particularly if they, or a loved one, is employed in these industries.

Unfortunately, despite all of the protections in place to attempt to prevent injuries caused by railroads and waterway shipping, these situations still occur. For some people, it might be a sudden collision between a motor vehicle and a train at a railroad crossing. For others, they might actually work in the railroad industry and be injured on the job. For those in the maritime shipping industry, injuries can occur on tug boats, on docks and on barges on the Mississippi River.

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