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Should I pursue a personal injury or workers' comp claim?

When someone in Illinois is injured through no fault of their own, there are various ways they can hold the wrongdoer responsible for causing the injury. However, it is important to know which avenue to pursue depending on the location at which the injury took place and the events that led up to the injury.

Truck driver causes chain reaction accident in Illinois

Our readers in Illinois know the potential dangers when it comes to accidents caused by large semi-trucks. As a state with several interstates running through it that are critical for commerce and the transportation of goods across the country, Illinois sees its fair share of devastating truck accidents. It appears that yet another accident occurred recently on Interstate 80.

Increase in traffic deaths in America is highest in the world

Our readers may have seen reports in recent years that, after decades of decline, the number of car accidents, injuries in car accidents and deaths in car accidents has been on the rise. Previous posts here have discussed many of the dangerous activities that some drivers engage in, perhaps none more dangerous than using a cellphone while driving. According to a recent report, distracted driving is one of the main reasons that the United States has seen a large increase in the number of traffic deaths since 2000.

Recent car accident could have been deadly

Many of our readers in Illinois know that, in many cases, car accident investigations conducted by law enforcement officials are crucial in determining how a car accident occurred. That will likely be the case in a recent accident, as reports about the crash have not identified a cause. But, what is known is that the accident could have been deadly, if not for the efforts of emergency responders.

Three-car accident in Illinois results in injuries

Many car accidents in Illinois occur because drivers violate traffic laws and regulations. When this occurs, all of the drivers involved and their passengers are at risk of suffering injuries. That appears to have been what happened in a recent car accident in Illinois.

How can texting and driving impact your life?

We all do quite a bit of driving in our daily lives and, although many people probably would not like to admit it, many drivers are using their cellphones while they drive. It is not hard to see that this is a dangerous activity. So, how can texting and driving impact one's life?

What are pain and suffering damages in a personal injury case?

Most of our readers in Illinois are familiar with the fact that, in the aftermath of a car accident or other type of accident, the injured victims can pursue legal options in order to receive financial compensation for expenses such as medical costs and property damage. However, many people have also heard of "pain and suffering" damages but aren't as familiar with when these types of damages can be pursued.

Can you explain why distracted driving is so dangerous?

Many people in Granite City and throughout the Illinois suburbs of the Saint Louis area can probably recognize by intuition that a distracted driver is a dangerous driver. Some may have noticed on the road how someone messing with his or her cell phone changes lanes and makes turns haphazardly or stops with a jerk at an intersection.

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