Harper Smay Lawsuit

Two articles have been written about a recent lawsuit we filed against a municipality arising out of an injury to a two-year old girl who fell from a train ride. Municipalities, like anyone else, have an obligation to conduct their operations in a reasonably safe manner, especially when entrusted with the safety of young children. In this case, as set out in the articles, the Village of Godfrey took little Harper Smay on a harrowing ride, which resulted in her falling out of the train and being run over. The ride was not equipped with a spotter or any mirrors for the operator to monitor the safety of the children on the ride. This was a preventable accident, and, hopefully, changes will be made to prevent similar accidents from happening in the future. The lawyers at Becker, Schroader & Chapman have experience in bringing claims against municipalities and other corporations on behalf of injured victims.

Smay Madison Record Article

Smay Telegraph Article