News Release

The law firm of Becker, Schroader & Chapman, P.C. is proud to announce that the Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees, SOAR, presented to the law firm the Friend of SOAR award "For Your Lifetime of Devotion to the Working Class." The award was accepted by Nathan Becker at a luncheon on August 11, 2014, during which SOAR also awarded two SOAR-Jane Becker Memorial Scholarships to two local students. Jane Becker, a life-long union activist, is the mother of Gregory Becker, the law firm's founding partner, and grandmother to Nathan Becker. The law firm has five offices throughout Illinois and Missouri and handles all types of personal injury and workers' compensation claims.

"We're proud to represent working people, and Steelworkers, both active and retired, make up a significant segment of our practice," said Nathan Becker.

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