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Beyond the physical suffering of a motor vehicle accident

It may surprise you to see people walk away from an automobile accident with barely a scratch despite the massive damage done to their vehicles. On the other hand, it is common for someone to suffer catastrophic injuries from an accident that results in very little property damage.

Despite improved safety features and regulations to reduce highway hazards, accidents happen. If you are the victim of a motor vehicle accident, you know firsthand how devastating they can be.

Common injuries from car accidents

While the consequences of every accident are different, statistics show that some injuries are more common than others are. Cuts and scrapes from sharp edges of broken windows as well as bumps and bruises are injuries emergency responders frequently treat on the scene. However, the more serious injuries seen by emergency room physicians include the following:

  • Damaged limbs: This includes broken or crushed bones, sprains, torn ligaments and dislocations.
  • Injuries to the mid-section: Whiplash affects your neck and back, or you may have suffered a broken rib. More serious injuries may include fractures in the spine or neck that can result in paralysis.
  • Internal injuries: The most commonly damaged organ in a car accident is the spleen, but any of your organs may suffer injury from the impact.
  • Head injuries: From a bump on the side of the head to a traumatic brain injury, the symptoms of a head injury may not present themselves at first, so obtaining medical treatment as soon as possible after an accident is always your first priority.

You may also suffer emotional trauma, called post-traumatic stress disorder, for years after an accident. This may be especially pronounced if you lost a loved one in the accident. PTSD may be serious enough to require professional medical or psychological help.

As you can see, the damage that results from a car accident is not limited to physical suffering. You may be experiencing emotional trauma as well as financial struggles. Dealing with medical bills, the cost of prescriptions and time lost from work while you heal can only add to the stress and frustration of your recovery. Many in Illinois find that after a car accident, their lives are never quite the same. However, by seeking legal assistance, they may be better able to cope with their pain and suffering.

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