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Statutes of limitations apply to personal injury cases

Injured in some sort of accident? Was it someone else's fault? If it was, according to the laws of Illinois, you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim in order to seek compensation for your losses.

Honestly, the last thing on most people's minds after getting hurt is filing lawsuits. They want to focus on their recoveries, and they want to start feeling better. It is usually after the initial shock and adjustment period -- and around the time medical bills roll in -- that people start to wonder if they should seek damages through legal means. By all means, take your time to do what you need to do, but keep in mind that waiting too long could result in you missing your chance at seeking monetary relief.

How long can I wait?

Every state has set time limits for how long a person has to file legal claims following an accident. These are statutes of limitations. Wondering why? Well, for one, it is so victims of accidents cannot indefinitely threaten to file lawsuits against those responsible for their losses. Secondly, time limits are set in order to help preserve evidence.

What are the time limits for filing personal injury claims in Illinois?

As it is in many other states, Illinois gives personal injury victims two years from the date of injury in order to file civil claims against the party deemed responsible for their losses. After the two years is up, your legal right to pursue monetary compensation in court will have expired. Of course, it all really depends on how the injury occurred. For example, if an injury resulted from some form of medical malpractice, the victim may have up to four years to bring a claim rather than just two.

When you are ready

A personal injury obviously has physical consequences attached to it but can also cause emotional and financial damages as well. All of these can affect your life now and in the future. They can also affect the lives of your family members.

The financial relief awarded through successful litigation may not solve all of the issues that accompany a personal injury, but it can help you keep your focus on your recovery and not on the economic hardship it has caused you. This alone can go a long way in helping you move forward.

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