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November 2017 Archives

Truckers prohibited from texting and driving

Most Granite City, Illinois, residents recognize that texting and driving is dangerous behavior. Someone who is, for instance, talking on his or her cell phone or checking his or her email while driving is obviously not able to pay full attention to that and watching the road. The end result of this ill-advised multitasking could be a serious car crash.

When a misdiagnosis is a medical malpractice case

Although Granite City residents and those who live on the Illinois side of the Saint Louis area probably tend to think of doctors as the cream of the crop when it comes to having smarts, medicine is still too much of an unknown for even the best doctor not to make a mistake from time to time. Often, these errors entail not diagnosing a patient's true condition promptly.

What is 'proximate cause' in an Illinois personal injury case?

Those who are hurt in accidents, especially those accidents that occur on public roads, often face a tough period of life after the injuries. Between medical treatment costs, the pain and stress of being injured, the time lost from a job, and the expensive and time-consuming process of physical or occupational rehabilitation, it is easy for such victims to give up hope. However, they should remember that, depending on the circumstances of the accident, they may be entitled to compensation for these and possibly other costs.

Protect yourself from the most common warehouse accidents

You are part of the foundations of commerce. Your job in an Illinois distribution center keeps the wheels moving and consumers happy. Whether you distribute products to stores, through brick-and-mortar ordering or through online shopping, you deal with the demands of time and money.

Workers injured at Illinois construction site

Several weeks ago, this blog touched on the subject of accidents on construction sites and negligent employers in a general way. Let's turn to a recent example from Illinois to help illustrate how construction and industrial accidents can occur, and what an injured worker may be facing in the aftermath.

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