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Was the other driver manually, cognitively and visually focused?

You're driving along a busy Illinois road when you notice a vehicle veering over the solid yellow line that separates you from the other driver. You lay on your horn in just enough time to alert the other motorist, who then corrects steering and avoids collision. You also couldn't help but notice that he or she appeared to be texting at the time. Distracted driving is a major problem in most states. Even if you are able to avert disaster, it's no guarantee for the next time.

No matter how cautious and alert you are behind the wheel, you may not always be able to react in enough time to avoid a crash. Being able to recognize the underlying causes and factors of distracted driving definitely helps but it can't ensure that you will safely reach your destination every time a distracted driver is in your midst. That's why it's also crucial to know how to seek recovery for your losses if a distracted driver causes you injury.

Distracted driving often falls under three categories

You may have heard someone you know applauding the fact that he or she is great at multitasking. That comes in handy in many ways when life gets busy; however, it's not something you want to be doing while driving. The following list of information regarding possible driving distraction may help keep you and your loved ones safe:

  • Visual impairment: The time to find a missing item on the floor of your car is not while you're the driver. Gazing at off-road scenes, looking at a GPS device or taking your eyes off the road for any other reason immediately increases your risk for collision. If you learn that a motorist who hits you was texting or otherwise visually distracted, you may have grounds for filing a legal claim to seek recovery for your losses.
  • Manual distraction: When you learned to drive, your instructor likely told you to keep your hands on the wheel at all times. This is because any type of manual distraction can place you at risk for collision. That includes adjusting dashboard controls or knobs on a radio, lighting a cigarette, or eating and drinking while driving.
  • Cognitive awareness: The time to mentally rehash the argument you had with your spouse is not while you're navigating a major Illinois highway. Daydreaming or interacting with other vehicle occupants poses cognitive distraction risks that place everyone in the vicinity in danger.

If you learn that the motorist who hit you may have been texting or otherwise distracted while driving, you may wish to pursue legal accountability against him or her in court. Beyond your physical recovery, which hopefully is swift and full, you may also experience undue financial strain due to medical bills or other expenses related to your accident. Illinois law allows you to seek justice through civil litigation.

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