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Granite City man killed after getting hit by car

A recent auto accident involving a pedestrian and one car claimed the life of a 78-year-old man. The accident happened near a local intersection in the evening, shortly after dark.

According to police, they discovered upon responding to an emergency call that the man had suffered serious injuries after being hit by the vehicle. Police have identified the victim, who died shortly after being taken to a nearby hospital.

The other details of what happened in this accident have not been released at this time, but police say that they are continuing to investigate the incident; they will, hopefully, be able to give an opinion on the cause of this tragedy in the near future.

However, this local story illustrates that Granite City and the surrounding central and southern Illinois communities are not immune from a common and growing problem in the United States, that is, pedestrian fatalities on America's roadways and in this country's intersections.

According to a recently released report, last year, there were around 6,000 pedestrian deaths. Those who reviewed the report suggested that many of these deaths were related to distracted or drugged driving. After all, motorists who are under the influence of marijuana or another drug, as well as those who are paying attention to their cell phones instead of the road, are much less likely to notice and be able to stop for a pedestrian who happens to be crossing the street or walking alongside the road.

While Illinois and other states have tried to crack down on distracted and drugged driving, obviously the police cannot stop every dangerous driver prior to their causing an accident. Fortunately, families of pedestrian accident victims also have legal options available to them, including the option of filing a personal injury lawsuit against any driver who negligently or recklessly caused a pedestrian accident.

Source:, "Granite City pedestrian struck, killed in accident with single-vehicle," Dan Brannan, Feb. 21, 2018.

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