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May 2018 Archives

Seeking workers' compensation benefits in Illinois

Most people in Illinois probably feel pretty safe at their jobs every day. It is likely that the majority of people don't work in dangerous situations each day, but there are some who do. Workers in the industrial and construction industry, for example, put themselves in dangerous situations all the time by using heavy machinery, working at great heights and traveling in vehicles. For these individuals, the potential to suffer a serious injury on-the-job is real.

Construction accidents are common, so know what steps to take

Workers in the construction industry in Illinois are probably aware of many of the dangers that are present on worksites. That is why they wear hardhats, gloves and reflective clothing. They take all of the precautions that they can. However, sometimes those precautions just aren't enough.

What are the first steps to take in a medical malpractice case?

It is an unfortunate reality that hundreds of Illinois residents will be victims of medical malpractice incidents each year. These medical patients go to the doctor's office or hospital expecting to receive the best of care, only to see their condition or injury worsened by a healthcare professional's negligent or reckless conduct. When this occurs, a medical malpractice lawsuit might be necessary. So, what are the first steps that Illinois residents need to take in a medical malpractice case?

Staying safe when sharing the road with trucks

You are traveling along an Illinois highway when you come upon a tractor-trailer or other large, commercial vehicle. What do you do? Is it safer to shift lanes and try to pass the truck as quickly as possible? This means having the truck barreling along behind you. Should you stay where you are behind the truck? This means being unable to see what is happening ahead of you.

Recent car accident could have been deadly

Many of our readers in Illinois know that, in many cases, car accident investigations conducted by law enforcement officials are crucial in determining how a car accident occurred. That will likely be the case in a recent accident, as reports about the crash have not identified a cause. But, what is known is that the accident could have been deadly, if not for the efforts of emergency responders.

Exploring options after a construction injury

Illinois residents who work in the construction industry recognize that their jobs, by their nature, may be more dangerous than other jobs. These individuals usually work with heavy equipment and machinery, often in busy, hectic construction zones. They may be required to walk on roofs, in trenches or other areas where an accident can easily lead to serious injury.

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