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June 2018 Archives

The most common causes of construction and industrial accidents

Illinois residents who are employed in the construction and industrial fields probably know that they might be at risk for suffering an on-the-job injury on any given day at work. However, knowing this, most workers take every safety precaution they can to avoid suffering an injury or becoming ill on the job.

A Jones Act Cautionary Tale: Learn From This River Terminal Worker's "Nightmare."

If you get hurt on the job and think that your river employer will explain all of your rights to you, you're wrong. I was recently referred a new client - we'll call him Steve - who just experienced the way river employers treat injured workers. Steve was convinced that he didn't need to call an attorney when he got hurt. He was wrong.

Addressing the danger of railroad and shipping accidents

Many people in Illinois may be familiar with some of the basics of the typical personal injury case, but railroad and shipping accidents can present a whole other level of complexity. Car accidents are one thing, but an accident that occurred in a railroad or shipping situation can include different types of laws than the average personal injury case. They will also definitely different factual scenarios which, if the case goes all the way to trial, will likely be wholly unfamiliar to potential members of the jury.

What are the important documents in a medical malpractice case?

Our readers in Illinois know that it is an unfortunate reality that many people who go to a hospital or doctor for medical treatment end up worse off than they were prior to the treatment. The cause? Medical malpractice. News reports these days commonly cite how, even despite the advances in technology with healthcare, medical mistakes are causing more injuries and illnesses than perhaps ever before. When an Illinois resident suffers from a medical mistake, it may be time to consider pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Increase in traffic deaths in America is highest in the world

Our readers may have seen reports in recent years that, after decades of decline, the number of car accidents, injuries in car accidents and deaths in car accidents has been on the rise. Previous posts here have discussed many of the dangerous activities that some drivers engage in, perhaps none more dangerous than using a cellphone while driving. According to a recent report, distracted driving is one of the main reasons that the United States has seen a large increase in the number of traffic deaths since 2000.

Issues that often lead to railroad injuries

If you work on an Illinois railroad, you likely already understand how critical safety standards are to helping workers and passengers avoid injury. Your employer has the responsibility to help keep you safe by providing proper training for any and all tasks you perform in the normal course of duty. Nowadays, there's a lot of mechanized equipment that also helps maintain safe railway systems, such as automatic breaking devices. 

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