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Issues that often lead to railroad injuries

If you work on an Illinois railroad, you likely already understand how critical safety standards are to helping workers and passengers avoid injury. Your employer has the responsibility to help keep you safe by providing proper training for any and all tasks you perform in the normal course of duty. Nowadays, there's a lot of mechanized equipment that also helps maintain safe railway systems, such as automatic breaking devices. 

Beyond training and safety equipment, the law protects you under the Federal Employers Liability Act. It basically means that, if you suffer injury on the job that involves employer negligence, you may pursue recovery for your losses by filing a personal injury claim. This, of course, is different from most of the nation's workforce, where injured employees navigate the workers' compensation system to claim benefits but generally may not sue their employers for personal negligence. 

Problems that often lead to accidents 

If you suffer injury in a railroad mishap, you not only might face physical challenges in recovery but financial ones as well. Injured workers and railroad accident analysts often cite the following as major causal factors that can cause railroad collisions: 

  • There are typically many different systems working simultaneously to keep a railroad functioning on a daily basis. Poor communication can have disastrous results.
  • If you were not properly trained to run a machine or to know what to do in a particular set of circumstances, you may wind up suffering because of your employer's negligence. Lack of training is a major causal factor in many railroad incidents. 
  • Employers are not the only ones who are sometimes negligent. Even if you did go through all necessary training, if another worker is being careless, you and all others in the vicinity are at risk for injury. 

Inspectors often determine more than one liable party when investigating the aftermaths of accidents on the tracks. In addition to swift and thorough medical treatment, you hopefully have the support of loved ones and friends who can provide whatever assistance you need as you recuperate at home.

When you need more than medical support

You can also tap into other Illinois resources to address the financial and legal matters associated with your situation. The FELA process is often complicated, and the last thing you need while you're trying to get well is to stress over paperwork and courtroom proceedings. By relying on outside support, you can get the care you need and also make sure your family can make ends meet at home while you're recovering from your workplace injuries.

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