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Truck driver causes chain reaction accident in Illinois

Our readers in Illinois know the potential dangers when it comes to accidents caused by large semi-trucks. As a state with several interstates running through it that are critical for commerce and the transportation of goods across the country, Illinois sees its fair share of devastating truck accidents. It appears that yet another accident occurred recently on Interstate 80.

According to recent reports, a driver in a semi-truck was approaching a construction area on that interstate when he reportedly did not slow down his vehicle appropriately. The result: the semi-truck slammed into the rear of the vehicle in front of the truck, which then set off a chain reaction of collisions to the vehicles in front of both vehicles. The reports indicate that a total of six vehicles in all were involved in the multi-car crash.

The truck driver who apparently caused this accident was injured in the collision, as were five passengers in the other vehicles. Of the injured victims, four needed to be transported to nearby hospitals for medical care. Police are continuing to investigate the accident.

Most people would probably think that since truck drivers receive extensive training on how to operate these large vehicles that they may be less prone to be involved in accidents. However, when stories like this one pop up on the local news, it serves as a reminder that truck drivers can be just as much at fault for causing devastating accidents as other drivers. The injured victims in this recent accident may need to evaluate their legal options to potentially recover financial compensation.

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