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August 2018 Archives

Can an amusing trend cause a deadly auto accident?

Turn on the radio and Chicago residents are likely to hear Drake's song 'In My Feelings' blaring from most channels. The song has spurred a social media movement-- people have begun taking videos of them jumping out of their vehicles in traffic while dancing to the song just to post them online. As one can imagine, jumping out of a moving vehicle can have serious repercussions for everyone on the road, not just for the jumper.

Can I recover compensation if I am also at fault in my crash?

Saying someone is "at fault" for causing a car accident might be easy to do in normal circumstances, but when it comes to allocating fault in a lawsuit surrounding a car accident, the term has serious legal consequences. If fault is proven, then the reckless driver becomes responsible for financially compensating the accident victim for the damages suffered.

How safe are grade crossings?

When drivers approach railroad crossings, they react depending on the type of signals at the time. For example, if the red lights are flashing, signaling that a train is arriving soon, then drivers come to a stop a certain distance from the tracks. At some places, a gate is added to tracks. The gates lower before the train is scheduled to arrive and arise when it is safe for cars to pass through again. These indicators ensure railroad crossings are safe for both the trains and vehicles. Unfortunately, they are not present at all of the 128,000 public railroad crossings in the country-only about a third of them have gates and flashing lights.

Seeing a new doctor? Things to know about medical malpractice

Like most Illinois residents, at some point in your life, you may have need of medical care. Whether it is making regularly scheduled well visits to your local doctor's office or undergoing surgery for a particular injury or condition, it is highly unlikely you'd go a whole lifetime without ever seeing a doctor. Nowadays, people are often worried about medical malpractice, and for good reason.

The link between personal injury lawsuits and depositions

When a car accident is caused by someone else's negligence, one way by which accident victims may address the financial burden associated with it is by pursuing a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party. However, to be successful in such a trial, preparation is crucial and having as much information as possible is one way to be ready for court.

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