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November 2018 Archives

What do I do if a doctor failed to diagnose my condition?

When Illinois residents go to the doctor's office to find out what is ailing them, they rarely consider the fact that their doctor might not be making a correct diagnosis or that the treating physician has failed to diagnose their problem, but this is often the case. An incorrect diagnosis or a failure to diagnose can lead to delays in treatment that can adversely affect a patient's health.

Whether an injury is common or not, we can help get compensation

Whether an injury takes place at the office or on the road, it is likely to cause injuries. If the Illinois accident victim is lucky, the injuries will be superficial and heal quickly. However, there is a likely chance that one gets seriously injured in a traffic or workplace accident and the quality of their life is affected as a result, temporarily, if not permanently. Whether one gets medical attention for a non-life threatening injury or one of a more serious one, medical bills add up and can strain a budget. This is why it is possible to get compensation from the person who has caused the injury.

Repetitive Stress Injuries, a common workplace injury

While many Illinois residents may be under the impression that the only workers susceptible to getting repetitive stress injuries are those who work at computers for long periods of time, this is not the case. As winter approaches, construction workers should also be aware that they are risk for succumbing to these types of injuries due to the nature of their work and the climate they will be working in.

Nursing home neglect led to serious injuries and fines

Nursing homes are legally bound to provide their residents with a high standard of care and to take care of their individual needs. This could range from helping them perform daily tasks such as changing clothes and brushing hair to more advanced needs, such as helping people walk or take medications. In order to achieve these standards, nursing homes must be well staffed and their staff must exercise the necessary care when dealing with the residents. Unfortunately, four nursing homes in our state failed to live up to this obligation between July and September, and were fined by the Illinois Department of Public Health as a result.

Fatal motorcycle accident results in one death

One of the common causes of motorcycle accidents is when a vehicle they are trying to overtake does not notice them and ends up striking them as a result. For example, a vehicle turning right does not notice the motorcycle in their blind spot and hits them as a result. This is similar to what officials claim happened in a recent crash in Illinois involving a motor vehicle and a motorcycle.

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