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Worker safety during the winter months is essential

As snow begins to pile up in Granite City, Illinois, many residents do not have the luxury of working from a heated office or from closing down their outdoor office. Construction workers remain working during the winter weather and put themselves at risk so that their employers can continue to make their deadlines and complete their projects. However, the risk they put themselves is real, which is why employers should ensure their worker's safety on the job.

One of the most risky behaviors employers engage in is winter driving, and though, it is not possible for employers to control the road conditions, they can ensure their drivers are trained for it. They should make sure drivers know how to recognize the hazards of winter driving, such as driving on snowy or icy roads and are appropriately licensed for the vehicles they operate. They also need to make sure all vehicles are maintained, such as ensuring brakes are providing balanced braking and the brake fluid is at the proper level.

Not only are workers at risk while driving, they are also at risk of becoming injured from other drivers skidding or losing control while driving on icy roads and striking workers in work zones. This is why it is important to correctly set up work zones with barrels, cones, signs and barriers. Those who are exposed to high traffic should be wearing high visibility vests at all times.

Though it is not possible for employers to manage outdoor situations, it is possible for them to ensure their employees know how to and have the equipment to do so as well. When this has not been done, a workplace injury can result and injured workers may be able to receive workers' compensation for their injuries.

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