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January 2019 Archives

Whiplash is no laughing matter

Sadly, movies and television have minimized the possible severity of an injury like whiplash. This has caused many people not to take it seriously, which could make any damage worse.

What is an RSI?

While many accidents that happen in the workplace yield injuries immediately, there are also some workplace injuries that occur gradually and are the result of consistent strain on one's nerves, muscles and tendons. Repetitive stress injuries are one such instance, caused by a gradual buildup of damage from performing repetitive movements. Maintaining the same posture over time, stressing the same muscle, lifting heavy objects or being in poor physical health can increase one's risk of developing an RSI.

Does stress increase the risk of surgical errors?

Chicago residents may know that distractions on the road are dangerous for all drivers on the road, but they may be surprised to hear that disturbances in an operating room can increase the chances of surgical errors. A recent study concluded that when a surgeon is stressed out, he or she is more likely to make a mistake on a patient in an operating room. The stress can be brought about by something trivial and could last briefly-it still has the potential to be dangerous.

Distractions on the road can be deadly for all drivers

Though driving is one of the most common behaviors people across the country engage in on a daily basis, it is also one of the most dangerous ones. As technology evolves, driving has become safer but there are still a number of factors that exist to make the roadways unsafe for everyone on the road. Distracted driving is one of those factors and a crash caused by a distracted driver is one that could be avoided entirely if the driver had been paying attention to the road.

Get compensated for common and uncommon workplace injuries

The path to recovery, both emotional and financial, can be very long and frustrating, especially if one is going down that road alone. And that road can often feel alone, as not many understand the legalities one has to go through to get the compensation they deserve for their injuries and the emotional toll it can take on a recovering accident victim.

Were you in a car accident? Be aware of delayed injury symptoms

If you were conscious immediately following the initial impact of a car accident, you might have felt numb or "out of it" for a few minutes or more. In fact, the emotional trauma often associated with Illinois motor vehicle collisions can be just as difficult to overcome as any physical injuries. If you suffered both physical and emotional injuries, your recovery may be especially challenging.

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