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February 2019 Archives

Family triumphs against negligent medical professionals

No one expects it, but the truth of the matter is that even those who go to the hospital or to a medical professional to improve their health can often walk away with a worsened condition. As a result, patients often end up subjected to repeated hospital trips that cost them both financially and emotionally. As hospital bills pile up, so does the resentment towards the very people entrusted to perform their medical duties. Medical malpractice suits are one way to hold those negligent medical professionals accountable for their actions.

Damages can be recovered after personal injury

No one plans on becoming involved in a car accident or enduring property damage or personal injury. But those Illinois residents who have been in one know recovering, emotionally, physically and financially, after a crash can be a long and painful process. While some accident victims recover from their injuries, some are left with physical or emotional scars for years to come.

What damages can be recovered after a fatal car accident?

An accident impacts not only the people involved the crash, but also their loved ones. Whether one was fortunate enough to survive the crash or has left family members who are coming to terms with their loss, car accidents leave emotional and financial scars. Though it is not possible to quantify the loss a Texas resident has suffered, compensation received through a lawsuit may alleviate the financial burden associated with the accident.

Hit-and-run crash causes one fatality in Illinois

Losing someone in an unexpected car accident is tragic enough, but when the accident victim is a young child, it can be especially traumatizing for parents and loved ones who have to bury their children. The loss of a young life brings with it the loss of the promise of the future and the aspirations parents had for their children. Instead of deciding which college a teenager goes to, loved ones have to decide how to finance a funeral.

What are winter worker safety tips to avoid work accidents?

While most schools are going to remain closed in the frigid cold engulfing Chicago this week, not everyone will have the luxury of staying inside to stay safe. While experts are warning that even a few minutes of exposure to the elements may be life threatening, many will continue to work to make a living. Even when the temperature is not this cold, exposure to severe weather without proper equipment can result in the body going into shock, which might lead to death.

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