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Things to consider if collision results in injury

While it's natural to assume that if you adhere to all traffic and safety regulations while driving, you'll likely arrive safely to your destination. In reality, there is really no way to predict the ultimate outcome of any road trip you might take. Numerous dangers may lurk nearby without you even knowing. No matter how alert or cautious you are behind the wheel, another person's negligence can place you at immediate risk for injury.

In, out and all around: Danger lurks in the form distractions

Are you the type of person whose vehicle looks (and maybe smells) as brand new today as it did the day you actually bought it, which may have been several years ago? To the contrary, perhaps you would be the messy half of the Odd Couple, not caring about clutter or if last week's fast food lunch bag is still on the floor of your car. Whether clean as a whistle or messy as can be, your car may contain hazards in the form of potential distractions.

Don't get caught in the crossfire of an intersection

Do you recall when you first learned to drive and your parent or driving instructor took you out on the road? You were likely quite nervous, especially when it came time to navigate an intersection. There are often traffic lights or stop signs to help secure these driving locations; nevertheless, they are extremely dangerous places that place you and all other drivers at risk for collision.

Do in-car infotainment systems actually benefit drivers?

Numerous people in Illinois and across the country love having the ability of accessing technology whenever they please. With many people, likely yourself included, having some sort of smartphone, tablet or other portable device that allows them to easily browse the internet or check various apps, information and assistance usually remains within arm's reach. While this convenience may help you stay updated on the various goings-on with your friends, family and in the world, it may not always act as a blessing.

Was the other driver manually, cognitively and visually focused?

You're driving along a busy Illinois road when you notice a vehicle veering over the solid yellow line that separates you from the other driver. You lay on your horn in just enough time to alert the other motorist, who then corrects steering and avoids collision. You also couldn't help but notice that he or she appeared to be texting at the time. Distracted driving is a major problem in most states. Even if you are able to avert disaster, it's no guarantee for the next time.

Protect yourself from the most common warehouse accidents

You are part of the foundations of commerce. Your job in an Illinois distribution center keeps the wheels moving and consumers happy. Whether you distribute products to stores, through brick-and-mortar ordering or through online shopping, you deal with the demands of time and money.

Unsanitary hospitals put patients' lives at risk

Sometimes the simplest precautions can be the most important in preventing injury or illness. Wearing a safety belt in a car, putting on sunscreen and eating your vegetables are small acts that can save you from suffering a devastating injury or illness. You may include washing your hands on that list, and you would be right to do so. Unfortunately, even hospitals don't always follow this simple rule of hygiene.

What's time got to do with it? (Railroad injury risk, that is.)

You may be one of many Illinois train lovers whose childhood dream was to one day work on a railroad. Perhaps, you also always enjoyed fixing things; thus, a career in railroad maintenance was the perfect choice for you. It's no secret railroad jobs are among the most dangerous in the nation. You may be surprised to learn, however, that studies suggest the time of day you work may also increase (or decrease) your risk for injury on the job.

Seamen: Are you covered if you get hurt in an offshore accident?

You love being near the water—it’s soothing, calm and there is something very peaceful about it even when you are in the midst of hard work. Away from the land, you feel invigorated. That’s why you work on offshore rigs and barges. Anyone can work on the land, but you enjoy the camaraderie and satisfaction that comes from working closely with others who share your love of the outdoors.

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