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Workers' Compensation Archives

Are all injuries covered by workers' compensation insurance?

Illinois residents may be aware that most employers are supposed to carry workers' compensation insurance to protect workers if they have suffered from an injury related to their work. Workers compensation allows them to recover lost wages and other costs associated with the work-related incident. But, it is important to know that workers' compensation does not cover every type of injury.

Transportation accidents most dangerous work incident

Illinois residents are hard-working individuals, who take the responsibilities and obligations that come along with their employment seriously. This is why they expect their employers to take those obligations just as seriously and provide them with a safe working environment in which they can complete their tasks, whether that be in an office space or in a construction site. When this duty is not fulfilled, workplace accidents can take place that can seriously injure a worker. In those instances, workers' compensation may be available to provide financial assistance to cover medical costs.

Proposed changes to Illinois workers' comp bill vetoed

Workers' compensation insurance exists to facilitate work accident victims by providing them with financial assistance to cover their medical bills and lost wages without having to prove fault. In theory, it should be a straightforward concept -- a worker becomes injured, informs their employer and begins the workers' compensation claim procedure and receives medical attention while compensation begins to come in. While this may be the case sometimes, the reality is that benefits often get delayed and injured workers suffer in the intervening period.

A Jones Act Cautionary Tale: Learn From This River Terminal Worker's "Nightmare."

If you get hurt on the job and think that your river employer will explain all of your rights to you, you're wrong. I was recently referred a new client - we'll call him Steve - who just experienced the way river employers treat injured workers. Steve was convinced that he didn't need to call an attorney when he got hurt. He was wrong.

Seeking workers' compensation benefits in Illinois

Most people in Illinois probably feel pretty safe at their jobs every day. It is likely that the majority of people don't work in dangerous situations each day, but there are some who do. Workers in the industrial and construction industry, for example, put themselves in dangerous situations all the time by using heavy machinery, working at great heights and traveling in vehicles. For these individuals, the potential to suffer a serious injury on-the-job is real.

Former pro football players collect workers' compensation

When most people in Illinois think about workers' compensation claims, they probably envision individuals who were injured in construction or industrial accidents on the job. However, many other people in other occupations are open to injuries on the job as well - including professional athletes.

Overview of workers' compensation benefits in Illinois

Like other states, Illinois has a workers' compensation system that protects Granite City residents and other workers in this state when they get hurt on the job. Incidentally, those of our neighbors who live across the river in Saint Louis, Missouri, and the surrounding suburbs have a system that workers similarly in many if not respects, although obviously there are going to be some differences.

Worker injured in construction site accident in Illinois

Even as summer ends and fall begins, construction work is continuing across the state of Illinois. It is understood by most that construction work can be dangerous. Workers often work high above the ground or with heavy machinery. There is always the risk of falls, crush injuries and other on-the-job injuries.

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