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We help industrial and construction accident victims

Granite City workers in the industrial, manufacturing or warehouse sectors know that the workplace can be a dangerous place. Explosions, falls and truck accidents all happen and can take their toll on workers' bodies. Depending on the circumstances, workers will probably have a workers' compensation claim, and they may have a claim against non-employer defendants as well.

What are winter worker safety tips to avoid work accidents?

While most schools are going to remain closed in the frigid cold engulfing Chicago this week, not everyone will have the luxury of staying inside to stay safe. While experts are warning that even a few minutes of exposure to the elements may be life threatening, many will continue to work to make a living. Even when the temperature is not this cold, exposure to severe weather without proper equipment can result in the body going into shock, which might lead to death.

The most common causes of construction and industrial accidents

Illinois residents who are employed in the construction and industrial fields probably know that they might be at risk for suffering an on-the-job injury on any given day at work. However, knowing this, most workers take every safety precaution they can to avoid suffering an injury or becoming ill on the job.

Construction accidents are common, so know what steps to take

Workers in the construction industry in Illinois are probably aware of many of the dangers that are present on worksites. That is why they wear hardhats, gloves and reflective clothing. They take all of the precautions that they can. However, sometimes those precautions just aren't enough.

Exploring options after a construction injury

Illinois residents who work in the construction industry recognize that their jobs, by their nature, may be more dangerous than other jobs. These individuals usually work with heavy equipment and machinery, often in busy, hectic construction zones. They may be required to walk on roofs, in trenches or other areas where an accident can easily lead to serious injury.

Help is available for victims of workplace accidents

Construction sites and other industrial work sites can be dangerous for workers. Workers have the right to a safe workplace and when they have been harmed because proper safety precautions were not taken at their workplace, it is important for them to be familiar with the protections available to them. When a worker has been injured on the job it impacts both them and their family which is why understanding the resources available to them is helpful.

Helping injured workers explore all legal options

Of course, victims of construction and industrial accidents in the Saint Louis area and throughout southern and central Illinois expect their attorneys to be zealous advocates in court and also firm in their negotiations.

What is a third party liability claim?

Previous posts on this blog have talked about what a Granite City, Illinois resident would have to prove if he or she were trying to get compensation for a business's negligence following serious construction or industrial accidents.

Injured workers can trust our experience to help them

With its focus on personal injury and workers' compensation cases, our law office has the knowledge and experience injured construction or industrial workers need to get the compensation that they require in order to support themselves following a serious work-related accident.

Workers injured at Illinois construction site

Several weeks ago, this blog touched on the subject of accidents on construction sites and negligent employers in a general way. Let's turn to a recent example from Illinois to help illustrate how construction and industrial accidents can occur, and what an injured worker may be facing in the aftermath.

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