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Is my injury covered by workers' compensation?

Most employers are mandated by state law to provide insurance for their employees who are injured or become ill during the course of their employment. Many Illinois residents may not be aware that injured employees can get workers' compensation for work-related injuries, regardless of whose fault the accident was. However, it's important to know which injuries are covered by workers' compensation and which are not.

What is an RSI?

While many accidents that happen in the workplace yield injuries immediately, there are also some workplace injuries that occur gradually and are the result of consistent strain on one's nerves, muscles and tendons. Repetitive stress injuries are one such instance, caused by a gradual buildup of damage from performing repetitive movements. Maintaining the same posture over time, stressing the same muscle, lifting heavy objects or being in poor physical health can increase one's risk of developing an RSI.

Get compensated for common and uncommon workplace injuries

The path to recovery, both emotional and financial, can be very long and frustrating, especially if one is going down that road alone. And that road can often feel alone, as not many understand the legalities one has to go through to get the compensation they deserve for their injuries and the emotional toll it can take on a recovering accident victim.

How common are workers injured in the retail sector?

While many Illinois residents may be under the impression that the injury and illness rate of construction workers is the highest of any other industry, this was not the case in 2016. The injury and illness rate of retail workers was 3.3 per 100 workers, which was higher than that of construction workers.

Worker safety during the winter months is essential

As snow begins to pile up in Granite City, Illinois, many residents do not have the luxury of working from a heated office or from closing down their outdoor office. Construction workers remain working during the winter weather and put themselves at risk so that their employers can continue to make their deadlines and complete their projects. However, the risk they put themselves is real, which is why employers should ensure their worker's safety on the job.

Whether an injury is common or not, we can help get compensation

Whether an injury takes place at the office or on the road, it is likely to cause injuries. If the Illinois accident victim is lucky, the injuries will be superficial and heal quickly. However, there is a likely chance that one gets seriously injured in a traffic or workplace accident and the quality of their life is affected as a result, temporarily, if not permanently. Whether one gets medical attention for a non-life threatening injury or one of a more serious one, medical bills add up and can strain a budget. This is why it is possible to get compensation from the person who has caused the injury.

Repetitive Stress Injuries, a common workplace injury

While many Illinois residents may be under the impression that the only workers susceptible to getting repetitive stress injuries are those who work at computers for long periods of time, this is not the case. As winter approaches, construction workers should also be aware that they are risk for succumbing to these types of injuries due to the nature of their work and the climate they will be working in.

Construction accident kills one, injures another

When a worker gets to work in the morning, they expect to spend the day working hard to earn money for their family and to return to them at the end of the day. They bid goodbye to their family members with the same expectation, so when a worker does not return home after the day ends, it can emotionally wreck the family members who thought the day would be like any other.

Are all injuries covered by workers' compensation insurance?

Illinois residents may be aware that most employers are supposed to carry workers' compensation insurance to protect workers if they have suffered from an injury related to their work. Workers compensation allows them to recover lost wages and other costs associated with the work-related incident. But, it is important to know that workers' compensation does not cover every type of injury.

Transportation accidents most dangerous work incident

Illinois residents are hard-working individuals, who take the responsibilities and obligations that come along with their employment seriously. This is why they expect their employers to take those obligations just as seriously and provide them with a safe working environment in which they can complete their tasks, whether that be in an office space or in a construction site. When this duty is not fulfilled, workplace accidents can take place that can seriously injure a worker. In those instances, workers' compensation may be available to provide financial assistance to cover medical costs.

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