Todd Schroader:

Todd Schroader was my attorney in a Workers' Compensation Claim I had against my previous employer. After I was done treating, it was determined I could not go back to the job I had once held. Through Todd's insistence and persistence, I went through vocational training and worked on my job searches as he recommended. Today, I have a new vocation, a settled case as well as a new outlook on life. Thank you Todd!!
- Amanda B.

Todd was very well prepared for my trial. He presented my case in a clear and concise manner to the Arbitrator. He did a very skillful job of pointing out inconsistencies in the respondent's testimony. However, he was professional and respectful of everyone involved at the hearing. Todd Schroader and his legal team should be the first choice for anyone seeking assistance in a workers' compensation claim.
- Don M.

Compassion and concern are usually not the words you think of first when thinking about attorneys, but with Todd Schroader, those words come to mind! After you find out what a great guy he is, how dedicated he is to achieving the best results for you, you will be glad you trusted him with your case. I would highly recommend Todd and his firm to anyone who needs excellent services and a fair and honest attorney.
- Rick C.

I would highly recommend Todd Schroader to anyone in need of legal services. I was involved in an on duty work injury. He advised me initially, then I retained his services, due to lack of response from the insurance company. He kept me informed. He was very realistic with expectations from the beginning and listened to my worries and concerns. I would definitely do business with Todd again if the need arises!
-Bob L.

Matt Chapman:

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- Autumn H.

I hurt my shoulder while working for Bettendorf Stanford. Even though I never had any problems with my shoulder, the company hired a doctor who said that my injury was not caused by the accident. Then they laid me off and stopped my insurance. I needed surgery and did not know how to get it.

Matt Chapman, my attorney, fought back. I had my surgery. After one deposition of my doctor, the company started paying me again. Then, after Matt finished with the company's doctor, the company agreed to pay all my benefits, pay off all my medical bills, and pay me a lump sum for my disability. All along Matt told me that they were wrong and we were right. He was there for me throughout the case. And I'm glad I trusted him with this difficult case.
- Terry K.

For months my employer refused to authorize a back surgery that I needed after falling at work. Without the surgery, I was unable to work and the employer refused to pay me work comp. Matt Chapman took the case to trial in December. We just learned that we won and the employer did not appeal. The employer was ordered to pay over two years of back pay. I also won my surgery. I am finally excited about what the future holds. Matt and his office were great.
- Susan S.

I worked with Matt Chapman on a product liability case involving serious burns to a woman in North Carolina. The settlement is confidential, but I can say that it was a pleasure to work with Matt and to watch him pursue the case aggressively against the responsible companies.
- Scott Anderson, Grimes Teich Anderson, LLC