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Does stress increase the risk of surgical errors?

Chicago residents may know that distractions on the road are dangerous for all drivers on the road, but they may be surprised to hear that disturbances in an operating room can increase the chances of surgical errors. A recent study concluded that when a surgeon is stressed out, he or she is more likely to make a mistake on a patient in an operating room. The stress can be brought about by something trivial and could last briefly-it still has the potential to be dangerous.

Distractions on the road can be deadly for all drivers

Though driving is one of the most common behaviors people across the country engage in on a daily basis, it is also one of the most dangerous ones. As technology evolves, driving has become safer but there are still a number of factors that exist to make the roadways unsafe for everyone on the road. Distracted driving is one of those factors and a crash caused by a distracted driver is one that could be avoided entirely if the driver had been paying attention to the road.

Get compensated for common and uncommon workplace injuries

The path to recovery, both emotional and financial, can be very long and frustrating, especially if one is going down that road alone. And that road can often feel alone, as not many understand the legalities one has to go through to get the compensation they deserve for their injuries and the emotional toll it can take on a recovering accident victim.

Were you in a car accident? Be aware of delayed injury symptoms

If you were conscious immediately following the initial impact of a car accident, you might have felt numb or "out of it" for a few minutes or more. In fact, the emotional trauma often associated with Illinois motor vehicle collisions can be just as difficult to overcome as any physical injuries. If you suffered both physical and emotional injuries, your recovery may be especially challenging.

There are numerous injuries that may not be immediately apparent following a collision. You may be one of many accident victims who thought they felt well enough to go home once things had settled down and police, plus medical care providers, said you were free to go. In the days and weeks beyond the accident date, however, if one or more symptoms arise, it may be a sign that you need immediate medical attention. Medical, mental health and other sources of support are key factors to strong recoveries.

How common are workers injured in the retail sector?

While many Illinois residents may be under the impression that the injury and illness rate of construction workers is the highest of any other industry, this was not the case in 2016. The injury and illness rate of retail workers was 3.3 per 100 workers, which was higher than that of construction workers.

Despite efforts to improve, medical errors still occur

It might come as a big surprise to Chicago residents that 90,000 people die annually due to infections acquired in hospitals, according to a report released in 2018. Doctors can be expected to get sued every seven years and more than 17,000 medical malpractice suits are filed every year. While the medical mistakes and surgical errors that contribute to medical malpractice are huge, several academic medical centers are attempting to save lives and improve patient care by taking small measures.

One of the steps that can be taken is to reduce sepsis risk in children. A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that starting antibiotics, administering intravenous fluids, and taking blood cultures within an hour of identifying possible sepsis in children could potentially save their life. The study followed 54 hospitals and found that taking these three steps could reduce the odds of death by 40 percent compared to children for whom all three steps were not taken. No child should die from a treatable infection.

The dangers of fatigued railroad workers

Extreme fatigue among railroad workers is a well-documented epidemic in the United States. Take, for instance, this post on NTSB written by a former railroad worker who is now a supervisor of railroad accident investigators.

The writer details multiple medical issues, as well as railway accidents, all of which are attributed to the high stress and long work hours with limited sleep often expected in these positions. She claims it was not unusual for her to work 80 hours per week. In addition, chronic fatigue took such a mental and physical toll on her body that she began to make dangerous mistakes. Her health declined to such a point that the state in which she worked revoked her driver's license based on the findings of her doctor that her body was fatigued to such a dangerous level.

Worker safety during the winter months is essential

As snow begins to pile up in Granite City, Illinois, many residents do not have the luxury of working from a heated office or from closing down their outdoor office. Construction workers remain working during the winter weather and put themselves at risk so that their employers can continue to make their deadlines and complete their projects. However, the risk they put themselves is real, which is why employers should ensure their worker's safety on the job.

One of the most risky behaviors employers engage in is winter driving, and though, it is not possible for employers to control the road conditions, they can ensure their drivers are trained for it. They should make sure drivers know how to recognize the hazards of winter driving, such as driving on snowy or icy roads and are appropriately licensed for the vehicles they operate. They also need to make sure all vehicles are maintained, such as ensuring brakes are providing balanced braking and the brake fluid is at the proper level.

When speed is a factor in car accidents, what can victims do?

When people drive over the posted speed limit, it is not only against the law, but it also greatly increases the chance of a car accident. Many drivers underestimate the importance of respecting speed limits, and many also fail to see the danger of driving at high speeds. Driving too fast places every person on the road at risk of suffering serious injuries in a crash.

Speed not only makes it more likely that an accident will happen, but it can also increase the severity of a crash. When car accidents happen due to this type of reckless driving, victims have options. It is possible to hold individuals accountable for damages related to negligence and poor choices behind the wheel.

What do I do if a doctor failed to diagnose my condition?

When Illinois residents go to the doctor's office to find out what is ailing them, they rarely consider the fact that their doctor might not be making a correct diagnosis or that the treating physician has failed to diagnose their problem, but this is often the case. An incorrect diagnosis or a failure to diagnose can lead to delays in treatment that can adversely affect a patient's health.

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